H Street’s Hechinger Mall A Prime Target For Union Market-Style Re-Development

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There’s a buzz going around local real estate media about the Hechinger Mall, where H Street meets Bladensburg Road and Benning Road. The suburban style strip mall carries major brands like Ross Dress For Less, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Safeway, Dollar Tree and a ton more stores.  The strip mall’s property also carries massive parking lots which often sit mostly empty.

Many think this huge strip mall is next on the suburban sprawl hit list

There is no official word on any development activity or parcels changing hands as of yet. It’s all speculation right now as many try to guess which major part of the DC market will announce its next major huge mixed use project.

“The media is calling it ‘underused land’ due to huge stores, large internal streets and the surrounding land including the mentioned parking lots. The site overall is about the same size as the entire Union Market development zone,” commented Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We’re firmly entrenched in the H Street Corridor as a new construction brokerage – there’s no surprise that everyone is looking at the Hechinger Mall as a future major new project.”

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A small piece of what’s going on at Union Market. Is Hechinger Mall next? 

The strip mall is the commercial hub for Trinidad, Kingman Park, Carver-Langston and other Northeast neighborhoods. “The site already serves a significant retail purpose for a ton of neighborhoods. When it does evolve, look for the site to become a much more efficient use of its vast space. There’s a ton of waste here that can be optimized into a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with retail, integrated residential and parks,” continued DiRuggiero.

#FollowDevelopment with UrbanLand Company on Twitter!  “This part of DC is on our UrbanLand Company Neighborhood Watch list for a number of reasons. We have several live new condo projects in the H Street area, and we’re constantly looking at this exact area as a future hot spot in the near term,” concluded DiRuggiero.

Local blog BeyondDC does a great breakdown where they overlay the site’s size on a map over top of other popular DC zones like Union Market, NoMa and Columbia Heights.

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