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Silver Spring Free Home Buyer Workshops For October

The area around downtown Silver Spring and Takoma Park hold surprisingly nice and inexpensive condo and home purchase opportunities. The interest rates on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage have hovered “around 4%” over the last few months. Interest rates this low are down near the lowest they have ever been, and create extremely low mortgage monthly payments.

With Silver Spring’s high rents, it can be cheaper to own your home or condo. Every single month, you’re writing a rent check to pay someone else’s mortgage, whether you have a private landlord or are at a big complex.

Join UrbanLand Company at the Silver Spring Library at 900 Wayne Avenue for the special Free Workshop dates above!

Downtown Silver Spring: Home & Condo Buyer Workshop...more900 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910  

We’ve been teaching first time buyers in our Free Workshops how to take advantage of Maryland and DC’s built-in home buyer assistance mortgages since 2013. We’ve now helped (and represented as realtors) over 160 area first time buyers successfully using local down payment assistance mortgages.

Here’s some of the topics we discuss:

Successful home purchases by attendees of our Home Buyer Workshops are below. We are are the savvy pathway to ownership for savvy DC / MD first time home buyers!

We also meet privately one-on-one in person or by phone and can help you with understanding financing online. Just ask for an Appointment and mention you want a phone call!


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