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More and More DC Bars & Restaurants Going Topless (Retractable Roofs!)

Thanks to for the alert on Safe Haus and a ton of other retractable roofs that have been appearing all over the city! News comes in that the new roof for Safe Haus will be fully operational in time for the beginning of Oktoberfest in their biergarten.


“These new roofs are great and they literally are appearing all over city. Besides the fact that they allow restaurants and bars to let the weather in on nicer days and help control noise leaking out at night into the surrounding neighborhoods, they do show one other important thing behind the scenes – restaurant and bar owners, and their investors and banks, are pumping a serious amount of money into retractable roof retrofits,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company.


“These types of upgrades are expensive and a big hit on the books for a local business to absorb, no matter how you look at it,” continued DiRuggiero. “The money flowing into luxury items like retractable roofs just continues to showcase the support behind growth in DC – when you have bankers and investors willing to fund this type of improvement – it’s a big deal!”

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