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NOVA Developer Proposing $10 Billion Baltimore Citywide Redevelopment


A private developer in Northern Virginia has set his sights on a large-scale, major redevelopment initiative across Baltimore City. “The Baltimore Renaissance” is a concept being promoted currently by Kahan S. Dhillon Jr., managing partner of Regent Co. LLC of Alexandria, Virginia.

The “Renaissance” is being called a $10 billion proposed plan that will seek to revitalize 70 as of yet unidentified sites throughout Baltimore City. Kahan envisions a minimum of 5 sites per City Council District being allocated in order to create a feeder system of economic improvement spread throughout the entire city. This is literally a plan, if executed to its full vision, will transform Baltimore into a national and international turnaround story of monumental historic proportions. These are quotes from the initial solicitation documents.

“This is a major financial and planning project that goes beyond just developing and constructing 70 development sites,” commented Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “Kahan is calling for a huge amount of collaboration between various City Council Districts, the neighborhoods they serve, and the local development industry to enact sweeping changes throughout Baltimore. It’s an aggressive, cohesive vision that is based on the reality of watching DC change and evolve the last 15 – 20 years.”

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UrbanLand Company is a privately owned real estate brokerage with headquarters at 913 Florida Avenue, NW and new offices opening soon in Trinidad and Baltimore’s Hampden commercial district (near Johns Hopkins!).

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