The ‘NoMa Real Estate Boom’ Skipped Its 2015 Summer Vacation

“While everyone has been away for the Summer, there’s been a ton of new projects of various types announced for NoMa,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “The BizJournals refers to it in conversation as ‘the NoMa Boom’ and we couldn’t agree more.”

“As of this last Spring, it’s estimated that NoMa is about 50% built out,” said DiRuggiero. “The exciting news for buyers in that statement? That NoMa is ‘only 50% built out’. This means there’s a ton more to come as this hot development zone announces commitments and plans for the rest of the potential development parcels available in NoMa.”

Here’s 4 Summer announcements on key projects coming to NoMa. Each is notable and will have a profound effect on the immediate area surrounding it.

noma-metro.jpg 1200 Third Street, NE
NoMa Landowner Partners With Developers For New Residential Project Adjacent to NoMa METRO
noma-301-florida-ave-ne-2.png 301 Florida Ave, NE
New 66,000 Sq. Ft. NoMa Mixed Use Project For Florida Ave. NE
noma-apts-2nd-street.jpg 911 Second Street, NE
NoMa Getting 42 Contemporary “Industrial Warehouse” Apartments
sursum-corda-current.jpg M, L, F Streets, NW
NoMa 199 Unit Low Income Housing Project To Transform to 1,100 Unit Community

“We are constantly staying on top of what’s going on in NoMa and several other zones in DC that we call our Neighborhood Watch over here at UrbanLand Company,” continued DiRuggiero. “It’s key that buyers and sellers understand what happens to existing home values around these types of projects. #FollowDevelopment with us on Twitter and you’ll see an easy breakdown of new projects as they are announced!”  

The reason for today’s focus on NoMa? “Look DOWN in this email. We’re formally releasing details today on Havana, a hot new project on the ‘NoMa side’ of the H Street Corridor. Check it out – you won’t want to miss a chance at this one!” concluded DiRuggiero.

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