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Montgomery County: Up to $25,000 Down Payment Assistance Now Available!

Great news for those who rent in Montgomery County. A County program that ran out of down payment assistance funds earlier this year is back again for 2017 – 2018. Qualifying home buyers can get up to $25,000 in down payment help, scaled to 40% of your current income. The maximum you can get is $25,000.  It’s called the Montgomery Homeownership II Program.

Here’s details on how the program is structured and works:

  • You can get up to $25,000 in Down Payment & Closing Costs Assistance per household
  • Assistance you are eligible for is calculated based on 40% of your household income
  • The Down Payment Assistance is structured as a 0% interest, deferred payment loan. This loan is issued in conjunction with a 30 year fixed rate mortgage through the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP)
  • There are income limits for eligibility. 1-2 person households can earn up to $130,320 per year. Get the current limits now.


You don’t need to come into our offices to get help! We are available by phone for quick orientations on the best way to get started with using this program. Just make an Appointment Request and ask for us to set up a phone call for you!

The Montgomery Homeownership Program is offered through the Maryland Community Development Authority (CDA) and the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP).

More details are available here, plus you can Pre-Enroll to check your eligibility and ability to purchase a home in general, without a credit check!




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