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Maryland Mortgage Program Pays Up To $8,500 of Your Down Payment

The MMP Mortgage Program In Maryland offers up to $8,500 in Down Payment Assistance to qualified residents. This is often enough to eliminate a large portion of the Down Payment required on a typical first time buyer home that is financed using an FHA mortgage.

“The Maryland Mortgage Program has been around for a long time and doesn’t get a lot of attention. It was the overall entity actually running the Prince Georges County TriplePlay and DoublePlay programs that we talked so much about in late 2014 and 2015,” said Gerard DiRuggiero. “Both TriplePlay and DoublePlay were only temporarily funded, but MMP stands the test of time.”

The $8,500 in Down Payment assistance is actually a loan, structured as a 0% interest deferred loan due when you sell the property or pay the first mortgage off in full. Most mortgages are on 30 year terms, so your Down Payment loan is not due for a long time. If you sell prior to the initial mortgage being paid off, your home’s appreciation in value and your equity provide the loan repayment funds.

There are a wide range of local employers and organizations that offer loans and grants that can be used with MMP. The MMP program’s overall DCHD governing body runs a Partner Match program where they match up to $3,500 with either a grant or 0% deferred interest loan. This can be combined with the $8,500 noted above.

“The MMP program has a lot of layers to it, with varying incentives by both the Maryland County you’re in and a few other factors,” continued DiRuggiero. “The program is a little trickier to navigate than DoublePlay and TriplePlay, but that’s what our team is here for.”

More information on MMP is available here, including how to Pre-Enroll for private assistance

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