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“Maryland Grand Slam” $0 Down Program Now Available in Baltimore

And it’s official. Baltimore gets its own city-specific $0 Down Program with a joint announcement from the State of Maryland and City of Baltimore.


$3 million has been pledged by both governments to incentivize first time home buyers in the city of Baltimore. The program continues Maryland’s recent tradition of baseball-themed mortgage programs and is called the Maryland Grand Slam. Grand Slam puts up 4 valuable incentives that reduce the upfront costs of buying your first home.

“Maryland Grand Slam gets its own name but its really just another offshoot of one of our favorite umbrella programs over here at UrbanLand Company,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker. “Grand Slam is a part of the Maryland Mortgage Program and uses some of its incentives, just like 2015’s wildly successful Triple Play and Double Play programs in Prince Georges County. Those programs spent $5 million over 6 months and helped over 400 families buy in the County. A huge success that Baltimore now gets to use to its advantage.”

Program incentives include up to $7,500 in Down Payment grants, a 0.25% reduction on mortgage rates, a large federal tax credit and a waived loan fee ($450). The mortgage rate reduction and the waived loan fees come from the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) directly and the federal tax credit derives from Maryland’s HomeCredit program. “Technical data aside, the Grand Slam is a bundle of value and the fact that it’s for Baltimore is exciting to us. It’s a city with its own urban flavor and character, and there’s a ton of value in the city’s older downtown housing,” continued DiRuggiero.

Program details are still being released, but we imagine the income limits and home purchase price limits are a parallel with the Maryland Mortgage Program. Expect an income limit of $104,640 for 1-2 person households and $122,080 for 3+ person households. Home purchase price limits should be around $525,091.

This adds to a slew of recent $0 Down announcements. We’ve dug up a little known program for Northern Virginia that gives you 3% Down Payments toward up to $500,000 homes and condos, and now Baltimore pops up with a huge incentive program that is already proven to be a hit with Maryland home buyers.  “In mid 2013, we adopted the DC Open Doors program as a major vehicle for $0 Down all over DC, and we hooked into DoublePlay and TriplePlay during their tenure. They are wildly successful buying programs that have contributed to over $12 million in first time buyer sales in 2014 and 2015 for UrbanLand Company,” concluded DiRuggiero.

UrbanLand Company $0 Down Home Buyer Workshops now cover the entire DC/MD/VA area and Baltimore! Workshops are twice weekly with Tuesday evening sessions at 5:30pm and Saturday morning sessions at 10am. Workshops are held at 913 Florida Avenue, NW in Washington, D.C.

You don’t have to come to a Workshop to get help with Grand Slam. Give us a call at 202.299.9223 or email us at We offer one on one phone sessions for those who can’t make the trip.


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