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Our Lead Generation Program Settles 27th Deal for 2015; Passes 2014 Totals in Just 7 Months!

“There isn’t really a ‘dead of Summer’ over here at 913 Florida Avenue, NW,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker. “The heat’s on with our Agent Leads Generation Program. Our Agents are out writing deals, closing transactions and starting new buyer relationships from our Workshops right and left. We’re proud to announce that the Program just topped its 2014 total of 27 transactions in just the first 7 months of 2015! We’re on pace with enough under contract to meet our goal of 54 Program sales in 2015.”


epoindexterUrbanLand Company agent Errica Poindexter took down #27 with the sale and settlement of 6028 Eastern Ave. NE for $319,900. It was her first transaction after just a short time participating in the Lead Generation Program.

“The news is even sweeter when an agent newer to us in 2015 takes down the deal that beats the prior year. We’re getting real diversity of transactions from the Program team – the sales meetings have transformed into power sessions with a team of volume producers.” said DiRuggiero. “The fact that we’re at full momentum before the Fall market means we’re going to be showing some very strong numbers in December.”

The Program’s incoming leads can support 25 to 30 Agents needs’ for income opportunities. “It’s really great as the Program has evolved substantially. Some of our Agents do almost 100% of their volume from Program leads, and others ‘dip in’ and go through 5-6 week rotations to fill up their pipelines when they’re in lulls in their own personal networks. It’s really a unique way of supporting our team’s growth that really, really works well for all involved,” continued DiRuggiero.

There’s even more to the numbers that are impressive. The ‘program’ closed 27 sales in 2014 for a total of $5.8 million. Current levels for 2015 as of Friday, 8/1 are 27 sales for a total of $7.98 million. “Every agent in the Leads Program has turned in more business already than they did in 2014, and all of them are engaging with buyers qualifying to spend more. Our ‘1st time homebuyers’ are spending upwards of $500,000 in limited cases,” said DiRuggiero.

Learn more about becoming an UrbanLand Company agent and plugging into these opportunities! 

The Lead Generation Sales Board gets a bigger brother soon.

UrbanLand’s Agent Lead Generation Program At A Glance

UrbanLand Company runs an active and multi-dimensional marketing program to local buyers and sellers that produces constant activity for the firm’s Agents. “We run multiple ongoing initiatives and programs that reach a variety of different audiences. Whether it is our live Homebuyer Workshops or mass email lists, there’s always some type of content reaching a local audience,” said DiRuggiero.

Every incoming buyer lead is assigned to an agent, and there are a lot of leads to go around. “No matter where the lead came from originally, that potential buyer is assigned to an agent right away. Our agents are getting to meet potential buyers from all stages of the life cycle, from first time buyers to beginning real estate investors and developers,” said DiRuggiero.

Our leads are a lifeline you can build your business off of. “Yes, our programs produce a lot of leads that you can connect with as an UrbanLand Company agent. Beyond the leads, our real advantage to agents is that we give them the tools, systems, training and infrastructure that you need as an agent to produce volume,” continued DiRuggiero.

If you’re an enthusiastic Agent and want to plug into our success, reach out and talk to us. We have opportunities in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Email or call 202.299.9223. All inquiries will be treated confidentially.

Those interested in our Agent Lead Generation Program should email or call 202.299.9223.

Here’s some of the sales coming in from the Program!

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