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Follow Baltimore: 5 Developer Alerts That Open Your Eyes

There’s the makings of the next local real estate boom going on just North. Here’s 5 updates hitting the ULC Blog this week that give you a sense of what’s up in Baltimore.

Commercial properties are changing hands, office buildings are being redeveloped, under-utilized sites are starting to have a purpose, and Baltimore’s 200+ year old iconic market is getting ready for a Union Market type re-do of its own. Sounds a little bit like DC?

“The Baltimore market is having rumblings of a growth explosion. It may sound like DC in the past, but it’s very different. This is a very large marketplace that covers a lot more ground than DC. There’s opportunities EVERYWHERE at extremely low prices for the forward-looking developer,” commented Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company.

UrbanLand Company has sold over 1,250 units in the DC area in our history, with a huge percentage of those units coming from developer new condo sales. We’ve also been a source of land, lots and other infill sites for years. We’re already touring Baltimore often and am happy to take anyone up with us!

Call 202.759.4114 or email us to join in the fun!

Here’s the stories:

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