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First Time Buyer Mortgages: What Does a $0 Down Mortgage “Cost”

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Lots of questions come in from our Free Home Buyer Workshops regarding which mortgage to choose and how it works. A lot of the focus is always on the real costs of a $0 Down Payment home mortgage like the ones offered by DC Open Doors.

With DC Open Doors, the city’s Housing Finance Agency pays your Down Payment if you make less than $132,650 per year and have decent credit.  The loan is often used in conjunction with an FHA 3.5% Down Payment mortgage (DC Open Doors pays the 3.5% Down required).

If you’re planning on using DC Open Doors or a similar $0 Down Payment or low Down Payment program, you’re going to see a slightly higher interest rate and other fees.  We used a $300,000 home purchase with a 3.5% Down Payment ($10,500) paid for by the city. Your financed amount is only $289,500. Hit the Calculate button to see the numbers!

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Your core mortgage payment here is $2,036.61 using the $0 Down Payment loan. The monthly payment is higher than other mortgages, but you have to pay no down payment. Also, the $24,439.32 you pay for that year of mortgage payments goes toward your home loan and interest, not into your landlord’s bank account!

Want to get started on buying a home? We do regular tours of area homes & Open Houses, typically on Sundays. We also offer Agent-Directed Home Search, where we find exactly what you are looking for. We are full-time active real estate agents that know the DC and surrounding markets inside & out.  Just ask for Financing Help or to Meet an Agent and we’ll get you started!

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