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Building Agents’ Business: Face-To-Face Time Is Your Key To Success

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What’s a topic we talk about constantly during our ULC Agent Guidance meetings at the brokerage? The value of face-to-face time and how to overcome the challenges of meeting new people constantly in a real estate context. Our current internal agent training series is focused on core principles of real estate as we celebrate UrbanLand Company’s 15th Anniversary with our current group and new incoming agents.

“Here’s a very simple fact in real estate: If you’re not getting in front of a flow of people every single week, you’re just not going to have the success you expect,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “No matter how many online leads you’re buying or getting from your broker, you have to focus on the amount of real face-to-face time you are achieving,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company.

Other real estate professionals agree. “Just this week,we brought in Graham Pruitt of Guaranteed Rate mortgage to lead our agents in a discussion about setting weekly metrics in personal agent outreach,” continued Gerard. “Graham shares our philosophies on putting yourself ‘out in the field’ to generate new business. The bottom line is, as an agent you have to set high but reachable goals for the calls you make and the face-to-face appointments you generate.”

Here’s what Graham says, “As a salesperson, you need to be in front of at least 15 people per week, with 5 of them being close meetings over a meal or other personal activity. This flow of face-to-face time comes from making 60 great phone calls a week and other associated prospecting activities like sending thank you cards and hosting/going to events.”

It takes a lot of outreach to generate real appointments for yourself in a real estate context. Whether you’re new to the agent business or looking to boost your volume, UrbanLand Company can help. 

“We have very specific methods that we use every single week with our agents to ensure they meet new people constantly. It’s the evolution of our 15 years in the brokerage business – our entire focus is keeping our agents out in the field where opportunities lie. We run an agent promotional cycle when it is time to fill up with new leads – it’s a mix of Open Houses, mobile Buyer Workshops and neighborhood farming that you just can’t beat for the results. It’s a big boost that helps the motivated agent automatically cover a healthy piece of their prospecting needs.”

Here’s more on what an UrbanLand Company Workshop does for our agents:

It’s UrbanLand Company’s 15th Anniversary! We started in 2003 and have now sold over $496,000,000 in DC area real estate from over 1,300 transactions. Our 3rd regional office opens soon!

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