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DC Improvements & Developer Activity Create Homeownership Opportunies For Savvy Buyers

“We’re approaching a unique time in DC real estate,” commented Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “DC government’s investment in neighborhood infrastructure and economic improvement, combined with private developer activity, is creating an environment for first time homebuyers and beginning real estate investors that we haven’t seen before.”

New announcements, new projects and progress on neighborhood improvements in DC are constantly in the news now.  “You simply have a ton of activity in areas of the city that were long ignored by funding and development. There are huge residential and community infrastructure changes quickly progressing through planning in areas like Anacostia, Congress Heights and Deanwood, in addition to the things you hear about Navy Yard and Nationals Park,” continued DiRuggierio.

These neighborhoods, whether you are a long term DC homeowner, a renter looking to make their first purchase, or a commuter looking to move downtown, all represent potentially attractive neighborhoods to purchase in depending on your priorities.  “These neighborhoods, while attractive and active, are still ‘emerging’ as destinations for homebuyers in the city. This means there is still real value here that buyers can take advantage of. Prices can be much less expensive here than in other parts of the city,” said DiRuggiero.

“It’s not just low prices that we are coaching our buyers on, “continued Gerard. “It’s the chance for future appreciation and large increases in value while you own the property. There’s really something for everyone no matter what your goals. For first time homebuyers, buying in a neighborhood early can pay off in huge dividends. If you’re a DC resident with roots in these neighborhoods – it’s no reason to flee or fight change. It’s a time to embrace your neighborhood, invest in its future and enjoy the vitality that new development can bring. There is a reason so much development is occurring – alot of private institutional money sees huge potential here. It can make sense for DC residents to follow that money.”

Our next $0 Down First Time Homebuyer Workshop, this Saturday at 10:00am, will focus on specific opportunities in Anacostia, Congress Heights and Deanwood.  “We’re getting a lot of calls and inquiries about these areas. As a service to our audience, we’re going to highlight these neighborhoods in our Workshop. For anyone with an interest in investing in growth, we highly recommend attending,” concluded DiRuggiero.

Workshop details are available on Facebook or by emailing us at Info@UrbanLandCompany. UrbanLand Company is a private real estate brokerage headquartered in downtown Washington, D.C., serving buyers, property owners, developers and real estate investors in DC/MD/VA. For more information, visit

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