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DC Housing Prices Rise to Pre-Recession Levels


A recent report by Trulia will make DC homeowners feel nice – home values in DC have now fully rebounded and have surpassed their pre-recession highs from 8 years ago.  The data states that 83% of homes in DC are now valued at above their 2009 peak.

How does DC compare to the rest of the area and nation? 

  • The entire DC Metro area, including Prince George’s County, shows just 19.5% of homes recovering to their peak values
  • While DC shows 83% of home values recovering, the entire nation shows that just 34.2% of homes have caught up to their prior high values
  • On the low end of the spectrum, Las Vegas and Tucson show 0.6% and 2.4% recovery respectively
  • On the far other end of the spectrum, major cities Denver and San Franciso show 98.7% and 98% respective recovery
  • Baltimore City offers rising housing prices that are a great investment. After a recent surge in the price of homes sold by over 20%, the average price downtown is just $129,250


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The original report from Trulia is here.

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