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DC to Baltimore in 15 Minutes? Bullet Train On The 2019 Horizon

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Major plans are underway to establish a regular bullet train route between DC and Baltimore, with further phases extending the new route to Philadelphia and New York. Approvals are forecasted for mid 2019 with designs being completed before the end of 2019.

The new train would reach speeds almost 3x faster than Amtrak’s flagship high speed train, the Acela Express. Amtrak tops out currently at 149mph; the proposed new maglev train reaches speeds of over 370 mph.  The maglev trains look different than what US is used to. Picture a very fast looking shoe.

How will they do it? There are 3 potential routes, with potential routes starting in Mount Vernon Square/Chinatown or NoMA/Gallaudet METRO stations, stops at BWI Airport, and a final stop in either Westport, Port Covington or the Federal Hill/Inner Harbor neighobrhood. A lot of the route would be tunnels that run parallel either to I-295 or Amtrak’s existing lines.

“This plan changes the commuter fabric of DC – Baltimore and is a major catalyst to the merging of the entire Richmond to DC to Baltimore ‘market’ into one major super city. This is the vision that Ted Leonsis talks about often,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We’re loving the plan – at some point our DC agents can hop the train and be at our Hampden office in Baltimore for a meeting in far less than drive time!”

Similar iniatives are being planned for Los Angeles to San Francisco and Dallas to Houston.

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