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Buy Your First Home in a Neighborhood With ‘Potential’

One of our core Home Buyer Workshop topics just received validation by The Washington Post. On January 30, the Post’s Real Estate Section released it’s feature on “Anacostia’s Burgeoning Potential Catches The Attention of Home Buyers”.

“This article is mainly a story about several DC first time home buyers and their experiences buying recently in Anacostia and Congress Heights,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We’ve been literally driving first time home buyers attending our Zero Down Home Buyer Workshops to choice spots in Anacostia, Congress Heights, Deanwood and closer areas of Prince Georges County as value targets all year. It’s great to see the Post now validating these neighborhoods as major destination points for first time home buyers.”

The strategic guidance we give in our Home Buyer Workshops covers buying strategies for first time home buyers, and focuses particularly on seeking the neighborhoods and areas with value now and potential for future growth.  “A lot of our Workshop attendees have strong inclinations toward saving money. Many come to our seminars first to learn how to use area Zero Down mortgage programs,” continued DiRuggiero.  “The Zero Down programs are great and open up a lot of doors for buyers.  For buyers who have flexibility and seek value overall other variables, we take them to areas such as Anacostia and Congress Heights.”

While we do not have a crystal ball, identifying future potential is not difficult. “There’s a lot of ways to forecast an area’s potential, some of which use complicated technical analysis and statistical data,” said Gerard. “We provide guidance in ways that are much more understandable to the average home shopper. You have to look at things like current development activity, planned developments, the amount of land & lots changing hands, city zoning trends, etc. As an overall goal, there’s nothing sweeter than catching an ‘emerging neighborhood’ before it actually emerges.”

This includes new home and new condo communities. Don’t discount looking carefully at new homes and new condos in neighborhoods with future potential. You’re going to pick up the new property most likely at a favorable price vs. what it will be worth in the future. If and when the area ‘take offs’ around you, you’ll be sitting in a strong position in a newer home with better features, better craftsmanship, energy efficiency and a lot more attractive value when compared to the existing, now even-older homes around you.

Want to learn more? “These are topics we talk about regularly in the Workshops and off-line with our home buyers. Whether you’re a first time buyer looking to stop renting, or a starter real estate investor looking to buy, live-in and earn rent off of a multi-unit building, we have important guidance for you,” concluded DiRuggiero.

We cover these topics and more in our First Time Home Buyer Workshops, held twice weekly on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings. RSVP to, visit our Facebook Events or call 202.299.9223 to attend.

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