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Free Home Buyer Workshops are held Tuesdays at 5:30pm & Saturdays at 10am.
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Free Home Buyer Workshops are held Tuesdays at 5:30pm & Saturdays at 10am.
Free Buyer Workshops
Free Home Buyer Workshops are held Tuesdays at 5:30pm & Saturdays at 10am.
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Building Agents’ Business: One Social Media Tip for Realtor Success

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Social media. Social media. Social media. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to keep your realtor brand across lots of the right kinds of eyeballs is right under most agent’s noses, and they don’t even know it! Our series on Building Agents’ Business today takes some of the mystery out of real estate social media. These are things every new agent can do right now to add value to getting their real estate career off the ground in the right ways. If you’re older in the game and sick of hearing about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and “what you need to be doing,” this post will help get your head around it!

“Social media is a fun topic for us at UrbanLand Company,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “We’ve been investing major resources in time, staff and money into our social media platforms since the major players began transforming into real promotional and communication vehicles for businesses. The long-term commitment pays off in a big way – we’re in sight of 10,000 real estate followers on Facebook, just crossed over 1,000 on Twitter, and are watching our Instagram pick up attention. ”

Having lots of friends, fans & followers is nothing if you don’t use the audience correctly. At the brokerage level, we’re driving in-person traffic into what we call appointment-situations for our agents. Initiatives like our Home Buyer Workshops and accessibility for real estate guidance pick up tons of momentum from our built-in audience. Here’s how agents can plug into and use effective brokerage-level social marketing to drive attention to their personal real estate business.

“We always use ourselves as an example, because we simply put out so much content into the local DC/MD/VA market,” commented DiRuggiero, “Our agents who use our content to their advantage tend to be our most effective agents at getting new business out of social media. New business also includes when that person you met 5 years ago who passively is on your Facebook suddenly pops up with complicated and lucrative real estate needs.”

What’s the one thing you can do now to get some social media success? You learned it in elementary school – to share.

Sharing is Caring…About Your Real Estate Success

Possibly the easiest thing you can do as an agent to help your real estate business is to hit the Share button. It’s big and hard to miss on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Sharing as a realtor gives you the power to do one very effective and smart thing — piggy back on other people’s or organization’s available social content. “Morale of the story is — you don’t need to spend a lot of time on creating your own top-quality social media content. You either Share what’s out there, or you form a marketing department to create your own,” said DiRuggiero. “What you DO NOT want to do as a new or old agent is to pour a huge amount of time into your social content. It takes away from your core prospecting time.”

A quick Share with a tiny bit of personal commentary goes a long way for you as an agent in promoting your realtor business without being a direct solicitor or pest. You can’t be shamelessly self-promotional, and you have to remember that you earn your social media audience’s attention.

“Sometimes new agents pleasantly surprise us on our social media,” concluded Gerard. “There is a whole batch of incoming younger real estate professionals who grew up with social media as a core part of their lives. They bring some exciting ideas and capabilities to the table, once they see the power of social media as a soft business promotional tool. It’s a very careful part of our training program. Once you can get them comfy with hitting the button, they surprise you with cool video, app effects and all kind of other great stuff.”

There will be a ton more from the ULC Blog on getting the most out of your social media as an agent. If you’d rather get the most out of OUR social media, give us a call at 202.759.4114! We’re actively recruiting and happy to share what else we do to Build Your Business at UrbanLand Company!


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More info on the Agent Leads Generation Program is available here. We offer a transparent recruiting and interviewing process. Get started now!

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Here’s some recent closings from our Agent Leads Generation Program!

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