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Building Agents’ Business: Add New Construction To Your Focus

Our series on building and optimizing your realtor business in the DC/MD/VA & Baltimore markets continues. This week the topic of discussion is adding income-producing specialty niches to your repertoire as an agent.

“Some agents do solid, regular transaction momentum in the distressed properties category,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “That is still too general a field for our focus strategy; we look to advanced specialty niches like new construction buyer & listing business for the opportunities it creates.”

Specializing in a niche as an agent or broker means you have to walk the talk. “I specifically chose new construction as a focus when I was founding UrbanLand Company in 2002,” continued Gerard. “I built a sizable pipeline in emerging neighborhoods back then and nurtured developer relationships the brokerage still enjoys today. Through a ton of hard work, we’ve now closed over 950 new construction transactions on the side of both developers and buyers, and new construction remains about 40-60% of our volume year to year.” Here’s a project we’re involved in right now!

When you choose a niche as an agent, you have to immerse in it. “When you’re choosing a specialty, you have to choose areas where you can build exponential growth and volume,” continued Gerard. “New Construction is a great niche for these qualities alone. The other major niche where we have seen explosive growth by investing major resources is our First Time Buyer pipeline. A focus on buyable price points for first time buyers has become quite a lucrative endeavor for us. More on that in future posts.”

What’s it take to build a new construction niche agent business? Here’s the quick view on what we tell agents when they have a curiosity about new construction during the recruiting & training process.

  • You have to learn the active buildings in your market & submarket
  • You have to know what’s in Preview and what’s in Development
  • Our new construction Open Houses are a great way to meet unattached buyers
  • Controlling condo projects for developers opens up a world of lead generation opportunities
  • After you’ve built a sizable record closing new construction buyers, you can pitch developer listing business with credibility

We have a great home for the agent wanting to add new construction to their volume. Doing the above things to build your niche are actually pretty easy, when the brokerage is already heavily entrenched in new construction. We teach you how to do the above efficiently and how to use the expertise to your advantage.

“If you have the motivation & can follow our playbook, adding new construction to your agent resume is easy at UrbanLand Company. We’re already set up for the agent wanting to generate a high ROI from this sector.”


Have any questions? Call our Agent Leads Generation Program at 202.759.4114 to discuss our New Construction training path for agents – we’re actively recruiting and happy to share what we do in our Agent Leads Generation Program at UrbanLand Company!


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Every person you meet. Every hand you shake. Every phone call you take.  Maintaining a pipeline is easy with our in-house assistance.


There’s a secret to generating business out of online real estate leads. It’s called an exclusive pipeline of potential clients who are asking for your advice and guidance.


Multi-week rotations leading a variety of topics in our Home Buyer Workshops pays off for agents!


Open House rotation puts you play with home buyers in great price ranges and gets you face-to-face strategically with other neighborhood potential sellers. Here’s some of our typical Open House opportunities.


Again, fundamentals matter. Neighborhood outreach delivers a high return on your time investment, if you follow the game plan.


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Experienced agent? We encourage natural and organic team building within our organization. Let us build your local team brand.


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Here’s some recent closings from our Agent Leads Generation Program!

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