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Behinds The Scenes on a Successful Lead Generation Program

UrbanLand Company runs an active Agent Recruiting program, and it puts us in contact with lots of real estate professionals all over the DC Metro area. “We’re meeting a lot of diverse personalities with a variety of experience levels, from those just getting licensed to those looking for a fresh start after years and years,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker.  “It’s giving us a lot of insight on the challenges and concerns that our peers are facing in our market.” As the market has improved in DC, the concerns of incoming agent applicants have become more sophisticated.  “The usual questions about commissions, splits, desk fees, etc. have been decreasing. Incoming applicants have been much more focused on lead generation, lead sharing and how many leads they can expect,” continued DiRuggiero. “This has put our recruiting program in overdrive; our entire marketing model thrives on agents who want leads, leads and more leads.” Here’s some insight on some aspects of our lead generation program, for those who haven’t already spoken to our firm. The UrbanLand Company Workshops program alone produces multiple leads daily – area buyers who all want our assistance in navigating complex DC/MD/VA assistance programs. “We openly distribute these leads to our agents who support the program,” said Gerard. “It’s very transparent. Every single incoming buyer is randomly distributed based on who’s currently active and available to help them.” The program works so well because it is designed to support our Agents with fresh opportunities constantly.  “The Buyer Leads program is serviced 100% by the Agents and this entire program exists to support their income needs,” concluded DiRuggiero.  “At the broker level, we focus on overall lead generation, our social media outreach, listing acquisition and managing our developer relationships.” If you’re curious about the ULC Agent program and how it can work for you, contact 202.299.9223 or email
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