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New Baltimore Developer Takes Over Hampden Townhome Project

A site in contention for years in Hampden will be turning into 19 new townhomes in the future. Construction should begin in 2 months by Towson-based Ryan Development LLC.

The site address is 3110 Crittenton Place in Hampden, right near Hampden’s popular 36th Street. John Macsherry, Senior VP with Ryan Development, calls the project’s location the ideal place to build due to it’s proximity to 36th Street. “Now there’s a statement we subscribe to over here. 36th Street (we’re at 831 W. 36th) is the home of our new brokerage real estate office – we loved 36th Street as well the minute we saw it – the entire Hampden neighborhood is becoming a hot spot!”

Each townhome will be 2,000 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms and projected prices in the high $300,000’s to low $400,000’s. The project will start with 6 homes and will continue from there as sales accrue. The historic Florence Crittenton Home on the site will be eventually renovated by a different local developer.

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Thanks to the Baltimore BizJournals on the alert!

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