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Simply put, Baltimore has a ton going on when it comes to real estate!

The pace of home sales in Baltimore continued to increase as more and more homebuyers and investors take advantage of (relatively) low housing prices. Sales of homes in the Baltimore market in October alone reached a 10 year high statistically for the month.  If you own a home already in Baltimore – you should be happy! The median sales prices for successfully settled homes increased 7.7% in October to $253,000, it’s highest level in 9 years. That’s for the entire Baltimore market including it’s suburbs. In the core downtown market, homes are selling for a median price of just $124,000.

On the commercial and development side of things, institutional and private developers are buying vacant lots, under-utilized sites and, sometimes, even entire apartment portfolios for huge sums of money. This includes $236 million paid recently for 6 market-rate apartment complexes in the suburbs around the city.

We’ve launched a special Baltimore-only ULC Blog to showcase all of our ongoing coverage of the city’s real estate goings-on in one place!  Make sure you also #FollowDevelopment with us on Twitter!

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