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Artificial “Resort” Lagoon May Come to Baltimore

Baltimore could be going tropical, and it is not due to global warming. A Miami-based global developer has its eye on constructing a Baltimore resort complete with sandy beach, blue waters, palm trees, kayaks and more. No word yet on if it will include a Vegas-style swim-up bar.  It WILL however, include 7 ACRES of water if the project appears, and could convert to a huge ice skating rink in the colder months made possible by our climate.

The CEO of Florida-based Crystal Lagoons, Uri Man, has his eye on the city as the company’s next lagoon project. They’ve provided no tangible details, have not publicly named any developer partners, and have said a decision will be made in the next 6 months. They’re also planning a new project for the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas that will be 38 acres in size. It replaces an entire golf course. These are BIG LAGOONS!

How is this possible? The firm responsible has patented technology that facilitates the construction and maintenance of unlimited size bodies of water in crystal clear conditions at low cost. The technology is tested, proven and in place on a lot of cool projects outside the US already.

Crystal Lagoons Corp is a patent-holding developer of “giant crystalline lagoons” that has several Guinness World Records tied to its unique lagoon development work. The 12.5 hectare Sharm El Sheikh crystal lagoon project is officially named largest in the world and is the centerpiece of a $5.5 billion US Citystars Sharm El Sheikh development in Cairo. The previous record was also held by Crystal Lagoons Corp for the 8 hectare San Alfonso del Mar crystal lagoon in Chile. The company is currently involved in over 600 active and planned projects globally.

Here’s some of their other work globally. You’ll see lots of blue!

Why are we talking so much about Baltimore?

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