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50 Closed Sales For The Agent Leads Generation Program

We’re pleased to announce that our Agent Leads Generation Program, our in-house leads pipline for our UrbanLand Company agents, recently produced its 50th closed home sale for 2016. UrbanLand Company agents have now sold and settled over $15,400,000 in volume off of leads and prospects that we’ve put in front of them!

“We’ve got 50 closed sales now off of our pipeline with a few more pending close before the year ends,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company. “The program has now beaten its total of 47 closed sales for 2015 and we’re already well past last year’s financial volume. We expect continued growth in both unit sales and volume for the upcoming year. Agents, give us a call!”


What’s the Agent Leads Generation Program?

It’s an in-house leads referral and marketing program for UrbanLand Company Agents who want access to the leads that our brokerage generates. These are exclusive, self-generated leads coming in from the brokerage’s marketing activities. UrbanLand Company has tracked Leads Generation Program volume separately from the brokerage since 2014.  Through November 30, the Leads Generation program has produced a total of 124 closed sales for ULC Agents totaling $34.7 million in local volume since inception.

The program’s success is guaranteed by weekly follow-up training, lead optimization and a variety of other things that help our agents continue to build their success.

“Our first time buyer pipeline now averages just over $308,000 per successful transaction for the agents. That’s a healthy transaction level across 50 settled sales this year. Since we’re putting leads right in front of our agents, our agents get to focus on helping their buyers make the right decisions, establish the best financing, and find product,” said DiRuggiero. “Our Leads Generation Agents would much rather focus on the parts of their business that make them commission rather than agonize about their own marketing.”

Are you a local Agent or do you want to become one?

If you’re an enthusiastic Agent and want to plug into our success, reach out and talk to us. We have immediate leads for qualified professionals.  Email or call 202.759.4114. All inquiries will be treated confidentially.

If you’re thinking of becoming a licensed agent, give us a call or email! We have a track record of transitioning other career paths into successful, income-producing local agents.

Here’s some of the sales coming in from the Program!

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