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$0 Down Home Buying Becomes Ultra-Affordable For Summer

The DC Open Doors $0 Down program, funded by the D.C. Housing & Finance Administration has been a phenomenal success! “Any program that puts up basically free money for home buyers is going to be very, very popular! The key to successful $0 Down for DC buyers is to use the program strategically,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker of UrbanLand Company.

The program is built around the following basic conditions and pays your up to 3.5% Down Payment for you.

  • Your annual household income must be under $125,580 to enroll & qualify.  This is a huge increase in limits over prior DC programs.
  • Your credit score must be above 660.
  • The loan is valid for primary home purchases only and you must remain in the home at least 5 years

The Down Payment is paid for using a loan issued by the DCHFA. It’s different than normal loans – on this down payment loan the balance that you owe reduces by 20% every year for 5 years. After 5 years of living in the home, you owe NOTHING on the DCHFA loan. You have to live in the home 5 years and follow certain other conditions.

How Do I Qualify?

“It’s really not difficult as long as your real estate agent fully understands every detail and is used to doing these types of transactions. Our team of Agents have worked with over 100 buyers they’ve met through Open Doors and other local programs. We’re expert in the intricacies of DC Open Doors, the Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP), Maryland’s  MMP Mortgage Program and other offerings,” continued Gerard.

Using The Program

$0 Down loans like DC Open Doors carry higher monthly payments than traditional financing with normal down payments. Mortgage providers require additional mortgage insurance and other fees inside of the loan. The best way to counter-act the higher monthly payments is to spend less on the home you decide to buy. Our $0 Down real estate agents know how to establish your expectations on which prices ranges to look at. We have a high degree of success in $0 Down approvals and transactions!

During times like now, when interest rates on mortgages are below 4%, the monthly payments for $0 Down are lower. This is a great time to start the buying process.

Want to Learn More?

We offer a very popular Free Workshop series twice weekly. Join us on Tuesday nights at 5:30pm and on Saturday mornings at 10am. The Workshops are a fast-format and explain details on $0 Down and other financing programs, and also cover other valuable home buying advice.

Email to confirm the next Home Buyer Workshop, or visit for program details and how to get the process started. The website offers an easy pre-financing loan simulation that gives you your $0 Down loan estimate without running a real credit check.

Maryland’s program is called the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP). It loans up to $8,500 for Down Payment help in a different loan structure. More info is at

UrbanLand Company agents regularly represent area 1st time home buyers in their quest for homes! Even if you’re just getting started, we’d love to help. Here’s some of our recent 1st time buyer purchases:


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