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$131,040 Annual Income Limit For DC’s $0 Down Homes Program

Here’s an update on one of our favorite home buying mortgage programs in DC! You can earn up to $131,040 in income per year and the “DC Open Doors” program will pay up to a 3.5% Down Payment for you. That eliminates the down payment on FHA loans and leaves just some closing costs & out of pocket loan expenses. This is a fast home buying program that works!

“We’ve been a huge supporter of the DC Open Doors program since it launched back in 2013. The program generates enormous home buyer interest for our agents due to the free money aspects fo the program,” said Gerard DiRuggiero, Principal Broker at UrbanLand Company. “We’ve now helped local home buyers purchase over 125 homes using area specialty mortgages like DC Open Doors.”

The program is truly unique among DC assistance programs. “Past homebuyer assistance programs in DC have been difficult or unrealistic to qualify for,” continued DiRuggiero. “The real difference about DC Open Doors is that it is a program designed to reach a very broad cross section of DC residents, with much broader financial, income and credit requirements.”

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More information is available on DC Open Doors here, and included are ways to get started right away using the program with our agents. We are a full service real estate brokerage with a specialty division that caters to the needs of first time home buyers.


The DC Open Doors program is structured around an additional 5 year Down Payment “loan” that does not have to be repaid at all – the balance owed on the down payment reduces by 20% per year for its 5 year term, reaching a $0 balance at the end of the 5th year. To qualify for consideration for the program, applicants must earn under the current $131,040 per year income limit and have a fair to decent credit score of 640. There are other minor qualifiers also, but the income and credit score are the real deciding factors.

The DC Housing Finance Agency explains that the DC Open Doors program was designed to assist potential homeowners who have good salaries and a decent credit history but lack the savings to pay a traditional down payment when buying their first home or condominium.

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